Red Rocker

About 5 or 6 years ago I went to a garage sale in my neighborhood and found a classic, oak, solidly built rocking chair for $25. It was in great shape and the owner even threw in the cushions that were on it. I stuffed that chair in my car, took it home, and arranged a space in my living room for the rocker. When we moved into our new house, the chair ended up in the basement collecting dust.

Two summers ago, when our patio furniture fell apart, I brought that chair out to our front porch where it weathered. I knew I wanted to paint it but the project seemed so intimidating. I wasn’t sure what color I wanted or even how to go about painting furniture. So I did what any self-respecting novice DIYer would do and went online for ideas and instructions. After reading and reading and reading some more, I hesitantly picked a color and bought my supplies…last summer.

It wasn’t until this summer when Chris sanded the chair for me (after Josh and Andy took a shot at it) that I finally worked up the guts to actually paint it. It wasn’t too difficult even though my hands are splattered in red paint, I have a lovely red “highlight” in my bangs, and as I was sweeping the spray can back and forth, the part on my arm where my tricep is supposed to be was waving hello to all the neighbors.

I absolutely love how it turned out. The color is perfect and cheery and pops against the house just the right amount.



Now I’m wondering what else I can get my hands on…


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