Red Bench

When Chris and I got married, Josh and I moved into his 1970’s bachelor pad. But before we moved in, we made a few updates like paint the walls, pull up some carpeting to reveal more hardwood floors, refinish the floors, completely gut and redo the kitchen including new appliances and flooring, and rebuild the deck. My grandfather, aka Gramps, helped us with much of it. When it came to the deck, we put our heads together and designed a space that would be pretty, spacious, and accommodate our new-to-us hot tub that Chris bought to fulfilled my dreams. He’s nice like that. Gramps and Chris spent days putting that deck together and when they were finished, Gramps surprised us with a handmade bench to fit. We brought the bench with us to our new house three years ago, of course, and its been sitting on our new deck. I asked Josh to bring it out to the front porch and, after painting the rocker, I knew I wanted to paint the bench too.



Josh helped me prime it but we ran out of primer when it probably could have used a little more. I was too lazy to go get another can and too anxious to get it painted though. So here it sits in all its imperfection.

I’m not sure what to do with it next. I think I would like to get a cushion but I kind of like the idea of displaying flowers or plants on it too and it can’t be both. I have a few ideas but I think I’ll just let it evolve and see how our family utilizes the red bench for now.


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