Green Thumb

When we first moved into our home, our yard was pretty much a clean slate. The grass was well taken care of and there were nice rock beds surrounding much of the house. Only a few flowering plants were placed on the side and back of the house in the rock bed which left the front to fill however we chose. Since I am slightly indecisive and was still figuring out the feel of my home, I waited a long time to choose something. Every so often, a weed would poke its nasty head up through the rocks and one of us would pull it out. Then more weeds would poke through along with grass that went to seed and before we knew it, our rock bed was looking quite abandoned. It looked awful but I just couldn’t keep up with all the unwanted growth. I didn’t take a photo because it’s just too embarrassing.


A few weeks ago, it was time to call in the big guns, aka Josh, to help me shovel rock but we needed bigger guns so Chris came out to help. As they removed rock, Chris would pull up the weed-embedded weed blocker. No wonder I couldn’t keep up! Soon we exposed the soil and put down a new weed blocker. Then, on a trip to Menards, I picked out a few flowering shrubs and Chris planted them.



The rock needed to go back in the bed, which became an ordeal in itself. The rock was so covered in dirt and weeds that it had to be rinsed. My ever-resourceful husband made a type of sieve with lumber and wire and proceeded the arduous task of washing rocks. It took hours and hours to wash just a few loads. We finally finished the front rock bed and it looks great! I’m excited to see how it will look when the shrubs get bigger and start flowering. Next Spring I have plans to start a vegetable container garden in our large rock bed on the other side of the walkway. And we need to continue the weed removal in the rest of the rock beds. It’s a lot of work but it feels good to have accomplished something that intimidated me. Thanks to my guys for all the help! It would still look like a condemned home if not for Chris and his strength, perseverance, and smarts.



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