Labor Day Weekend. Also? Stuffed Silly.

On Friday, my parents were kind enough to watch our boys while Chris and I went to The Great Minnesota Get-Together. We ate a Gizmo and walked and ate Cinnie Minnies and shopped and ate Cheese Curds and people-watched and ate a Chocolate Malt and toured campers and ate Cinnamon Roasted Almonds. Oh! And we rode the lame Ye Old Mill.


Saturday, my parents were kind enough to watch my nieces and nephew while my brother and sister-in-law went to the state fair. So we ran around the splash pad for a while before heading back to their house for pizza.





Early Sunday morning, in a one-shot effort to rid my body of all the wiggly, I took a two-mile walk. Then my guys and I went to church, met some family and friends for pizza buffet, and headed home to clean the boys’ bedrooms. Chris decided it was time to trim some trees and our neighbor kindly helped him. Then Chris lit a bonfire and we had an impromptu wiener roast with our kind neighbors for dinner.





On Labor Day, our little town’s little grocery store held a giant brat grilling event sponsored by Budweiser. Besides the 152 foot long record-breaking brat, the stars of the show were the Clydesdale horses, for sure. The Lion’s Club also made an impressive 12′ apple pie. I’m positive all 4000+ citizens of our city showed up because the place was packed and the lines were loooong. Afterwards, we headed back to my parents for a corn-roast and cookout with family. 






It was a fun and busy weekend filled with lots of yummy food! I spent the vast majority of it stuffed silly.


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